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Welcome to Carson Mortuary

We believe Funeral Service is a “Natural Extension” of Hospice Care
Whether planning a traditional funeral or memorial service, we offer the expertise to ensure your ceremony meets your individual needs, religious beliefs, family traditions, and financial considerations.

Serving all of Southern California

We do not have to be #1, to provide Excellent Service.

We do not have to be the cheapest, to Influence Choice.

We do not have to be in business for 100 years, to be Trusted.

We offer Funeral Funding Financing and PreNeed Services

We accept ASSIGNMENT OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS for Funeral Services*

We will help Financially Distressed Consumers with their Funeral Funding.*

We will come to your home by appointment if you prefer, to ease some of the stress and expense of travel. The choice is yours.**



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A Funeral does not have to be a major expense. You can shop for caskets at any retail store or any license Funeral Home/ Mortuary to save money. You can even have a casket delivered to the Funeral Home/Mortuary/Cemetery you choose.

A Funeral Home and Mortuary are the same in practice, only the names are different. They are a place to make arraignments for your loved one.

A Cemetery is a place for you to bury your loved one.

A Cemetery/Mortuary are places for making arraignments for a funeral and  to make arraignments for a burial. Two separate businesses, and two separate costs at one location.

Do your homework, and compare services, and prices.

Take your time, ask questions, and take notes.

The time you spend asking questions will most likely save you time and money.

Make sure you compare the General Price List with other Funeral Homes/Mortuaries, and challenge the “packages” and “special pricing”.  Pay attention to the “itemized” list on the General Price List, and compare it to the “packages” and “special pricing” services offered to make sure it makes sense.

Be smart about your decision, by informing yourself.

If you do not have much money to spend, tell the Funeral Home/Mortuary staff upfront.

Be honest, to get the right help and assistance.

These are hard times for us all.  Its even more difficult when you lose someone you love.

We all must be frugal with our spending.

We are one of many Funeral Homes/Mortuaries in the area, and hope that you can find the right one for your loved ones needs.



We at Carson Mortuary understand that the living also need to be taken care of during difficult times.

With the holidays coming, we recognize the need to help feed those that are hungry.

Many community-based organizations lack the capacity or resources to meet the needs of the growing population of hungry Americans especially in our City of Carson and in fact Los Angeles County. Food pantries and other charitable organizations also often run short on food that is age appropriate (e.g., low sodium for seniors), culturally appropriate and/or fresh.

Tight economic times have only further burdened these organizations.

We at Carson Mortuary recognize that it is, our moral responsibility to provide our community with a source of food if we can. We will deliver what we collect to the various charitable organizations in the area, i.e. Homeless Shelters, Food Pantries, Women’s Shelters, etc.

We cannot feed them all, but we can at least try.

We take care of loved ones when they go to heaven, at least we can try to feed the ones that are living that need the help.

We will keep you posted on our Facebook page and our website as to when we will begin our food drive campaign.


Contact us: 888.210.9714


The information provided on this page is generalized and subject to change, and may not apply to your specific situation. No liability is assumed for the use or accuracy of the information contained herein.  

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 Service Options

Direct Cremations………….$895
Direct Burial………………..$1,380
Traditional Funeral Service
Traditional Funeral Service
In Home Visitation
Graveside Service
with viewing……………$2,970
Traditional Service
with Cremation………….$2,945
Memorial Service
with Cremation………..$1,295
Full Body Shrouded Burial at Sea*
Starting at………..$3,985