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Welcome to Carson Mortuary

We are Family Owned and Operated

We believe Funeral Service is a “Natural Extension” of Hospice Care
Whether planning a traditional funeral or memorial service, we offer the expertise to ensure your ceremony meets your individual needs, religious beliefs, family traditions, and financial considerations.

Serving the Greater Los Angeles area

We do not have to be #1, to provide Excellent Service.©

We do not have to be the cheapest, to Influence Choice.©

We do not have to be in business for 100 years, to be Trusted.©

We offer Funeral Funding Financing, and Pre-Need Services

We accept ASSIGNMENT OF INSURANCE PROCEEDS for Funeral Services*

We will help Financially Distressed Consumers with our Funeral Funding program.*

We will come to your home by appointment if you prefer, to ease some of the stress and expense of travel. The choice is yours.**

“We are a Service not a Business” ©

Carson Mortuary is a Boutique Funeral Home.  We specialize in personal service, and innovative funeral arrangements. We believe the notion of a small town feel and warm country atmosphere, amidst the concrete and skyscrapers of Los Angeles County, is a nice departure from the everyday way of doing funeral  business.

“Our Service is better than our price”®





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A Mortuary and a Funeral Home are the same, they are a place of business to make arrangements for your loved one, either before or after they have passed away.

A Cemetery is a place to bury your loved one. Some Cemeteries  have a Mortuary on site to help make arrangements for the consumer.

Caskets can  either be purchased from the Funeral/Mortuary establishment, online thru casket warehouses, or thru independent dealers at physical locations. They can be delivered to the place of your choice. Make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions with the casket dealer, and the Funeral establishment.

Most prices for goods and services, at quite a few Mortuaries, Funeral Homes, and Cemeteries have already been grossly inflated.

The large corporate, mid size corporate, and many independent family Funeral businesses rely on this type of business accounting technique, because of large overheads, shareholder profits, and personal wealth accumulation.

One technique is to “push”  and or “pull” you, the consumer into the “sale”, with a goal to create an illusion, that the final price is a good one, when in fact the final price will always benefit the Mortuary, Funeral Home, and Cemetery in the end, because the “bottom line” pricing profit has already been built in. The illusion of “saving”, is just that.

There are still only a few independent family owned and operated Funeral Home/Mortuaries that still use simple profit and loss accounting techniques, that benefit the consumer in the end thru well thought out savings given to  the consumer.

However, there is a growing trend from major  Funeral Home corporations to purchase these Family Owned  Funeral businesses/ Cemeteries, and convert them into corporate benefited profit centers. Verify the ownership to be sure.

Pay attention to detail of the General Price list, and any “packages” offered at the time of arrangements, or when contacting for information by phone. Ask questions, be honest of your spending budget. Don’t assume, challenge uncertainty.

We all want the best for our loved one, it does not have to be based on price. Service should be your compass.

These are hard times for us all.  It’s even more difficult when you lose someone you love.

We are one of many family owned and operated Funeral Home/Mortuaries in the area, and we truly hope that you can find the right one for your loved ones needs.

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We at Carson Mortuary wish to extend an invitation to all of you, to bring clothes, food, toys, anything that can be used by the homeless, the veterans that are homeless, the poor, the sick, the battered, the neglected children, women, and men of our community that need to feel loved, and respected.

We do not need to be religious or politically correct, to help those in need.

Let us help those that need the help, by bringing what you can to Carson Mortuary during regular business hours.

We will deliver your gifts of love, and hope to those that really need it .

May we suggest you call us first, just in case we are out of the office.

Call us if you have any questions.

May the Spirit of Giving be with you All!


Contact us: 888.210.9714



The information provided on this page is generalized and subject to change, and may not apply to your specific situation. No liability is assumed for the use or accuracy of the information contained herein.  

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**** Verification of Need.



 Service Options

Direct Cremations………….$895
Direct Burial………………..$1,480
Traditional Funeral Service
Traditional Funeral Service
In Home Visitation
Graveside Service
with viewing……………$3,225
Traditional Service
with Cremation………….$3,200
Memorial Service
with Cremation………..$1,295
Full Body Shrouded Burial at Sea*
Starting at………..$3,985